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Happy 4th of July, America!

Facts about the patriots and the Declaration of Independence:Happy 4th!

  • Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence in a tavern.
  • The first signer of that famous document, John Hancock, was an alcohol dealer.
  • Every signer of the Declaration of Independence drank alcoholic beverages. There was no abstainer among these American leaders.
  • George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere and Patrick Henry. One was a major whiskey distiller, one was a bar tender, one owned a vineyard, and one was a brewer. Alcohol beverages have always been an important part of American life and culture. Curious?

The Bar Exam - The Fun and Informative Alcohol QuizBar Exam

Think you know all about alcohol? Take this fun alcohol quiz. It's full of alcohol related facts.

George Washington QuizGeorge Washington - Alcohol Quiz

How much do you know about George? Test your knowledge. Bet you didn't learn any of this in school.

Alcohol Timelines

Alcohol and Drinking History in America Timeline

Visit this timeline to follow the history of alcohol and drinking in the U.S. »

World History of Alcohol and Drinking Timeline

This timeline presents events in the history of alcohol and drinking over the past 12,000 years. »

World History of Wine Timeline

Follow the story of wine from its beginnings to the present time. »

Temperance in America Timeline

Explore temperance in the U.S. from its early origins down to today. »

The Noble Experiment of Prohibition in the U.S.

President Herbert Hoover’s described Prohibition as “a great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far-reaching in purpose.” (1) Prohibition became known as the Noble Experiment of Prohibition. Unfortunately, the Noble Experiment of Prohibition in the U.S. failed miserably. Even worse, it not only failed but was counterproductive. That is, it was worse than […]

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Scientific Temperance Instruction was Evaluated by Educators

The exaggerations, distortions, and gross inaccuracies in textbooks endorsed by the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union‘s (WCTU’s) Mary Hunt were increasingly criticized. Leading scientists and educators were concerned about Scientific Temperance Instruction. This included the presidents of Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Stanford, and Vassar. (1) As a result, Scientific Temperance Instruction was evaluated. The Committee of Fifty […]

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Temperance Beliefs & Temperance Teachings

Temperance beliefs were fundamental to the temperance movement. That’s because its teachings and actions were based on them. Mary Hunt of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) had pushed for state laws requiring ant-alcohol teaching in all schools in the U.S. In addition, she had her legions of WCTU members monitoring schools to ensure compliance. […]

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Beginning of the Temperance Movement in the U.S.

The beginning of the temperance movement in the U.S. is easy to understand. The American Revolution, urbanization and other changes were associated with social and economic problems. These problems emerged along with increasing alcohol abuse. But many people believed that alcohol consumption caused these societal problems. It was in this environment that people began seeking […]

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Drinking in Early America: Beliefs about Alcohol Changed

The story of drinking in early America began before the Revolutionary War and continued after it. Moderate Drinking in Early America Before the Revolutionary War Colonial Americans approved of drinking in moderation. But they condemned its abuse. They believed that “Drink is in itself a creature of God, and to be received with thankfulness.” (1) The […]

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Alcohol Facts:

  • The alcohol contents of a regular beer, glass of dinner wine and shot of whiskey or other distilled spirit (80 proof) are all the same. This is alcohol equivalence.
  • The U.S. government reports that moderate consumption of alcohol (beer, wine or distilled spirits) improves health and increases longevity.
  • Parents have great influence over the choices their children make about alcohol now and in the future.
  • Drinking alcohol by students in U.S. middle and high schools has declined to its lowest level in the 36 years that the federal government has surveyed the subject.
  • Distilled spirits (whiskey, brandy, rum, tequila, gin, etc.) contain no carbohydrates, no fats of any kind, and no cholesterol. Get the nutrition facts.


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