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December 5, 1933 - Prohibition Repealed

Newspaper Headline: Prohibition Out!Although Prohibition was repealed over 75 years ago, there are still hundreds of dry counties across the United States today. Curious?

The Bar Exam - The Fun and Informative Alcohol QuizBar Exam

Think you know all about alcohol? Take this fun alcohol quiz. It's full of alcohol related facts.

George Washington QuizGeorge Washington - Alcohol Quiz

How much do you know about George? Test your knowledge. Bet you didn't learn any of this in school.

Timeline: Alcohol and Drinking History in America

Visit this new timeline to follow the history of alcohol and drinking in the United States of America.

Timeline: World History of Alcohol and Drinking

This timeline presents events in the history of alcohol and drinking over the past 12,000 years.

Open House Party: Is It legal? Is is It llegal?

Traditionally, an open house party has  been a party scheduled for a period of hours. It could be for an entire day. It has no set time of arrival or departure. Guests do not typically stay for the entire period of the open house party. Open house parties are also sometimes used by real estate […]

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Prohibition Bureau (Bureau of Prohibition)

The Prohibition Bureau. Eliot Ness. The Untouchables.  “Izzy” Einstein and Moe Smith. Fascinating stories. But not always accurate. The truth is far less glamorous. The Bureau of Prohibition was commonly called the Prohibition Bureau. Enforcement of National Prohibition (1920-1933) was its purpose. It replaced the Bureau of Internal Revenue of the Treasury Department. That bureau […]

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KKK (Ku Klux Klan), Alcohol, & Prohibition

One of the major supporters of Prohibition in the U.S. (1920-1933) was the anti-alcohol Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The KKK was “revived in Atlanta in 1915 to defend Prohibition,” which existed in Georgia at that time.*1 “Prohibition became one of the Klan’s leading issues”2 and the Klan strongly supported both Prohibition and its strict enforcement.3 […]

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Carry Nation Biography (Carrie Nation, Carry A. Nation)

Carry Nation was the best known member of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). She attacked saloons with a hatchet. The spelling of Nation’s first name is the source of much confusion. Both Carrie and Carry are considered correct. Records show it was Carrie, which Nation and others used most of her life. But Carry […]

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Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith: Famous Prohibition Agents

Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith. They were the best known Prohibition agents in the country. And for good reason. Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith: Some Background Isidor Einstein (“Izzy” Einstein) was born in Austria some time between 1882 and 1888. Around 1901 he moved to the U.S. Shortly thereafter he and had at least seven children. […]

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Alcohol Facts:

  • The alcohol contents of a regular beer, glass of dinner wine and shot of whiskey or other distilled spirit (80 proof) are all the same. This is alcohol equivalence.
  • The U.S. government reports that moderate consumption of alcohol (beer, wine or distilled spirits) improves health and increases longevity.
  • Parents have great influence over the choices their children make about alcohol now and in the future.
  • Drinking alcohol by students in U.S. middle and high schools has declined to its lowest level in the 36 years that the federal government has surveyed the subject.
  • Distilled spirits (whiskey, brandy, rum, tequila, gin, etc.) contain no carbohydrates, no fats of any kind, and no cholesterol. Get the nutrition facts.


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