United Repeal Council

The United Repeal Council was an advisory cabinet consisting of leaders of the Crusaders, the Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform, the Association Against the Prohibition Amendment, the American Hotel Association, and the Voluntary Committee of Lawyers. It was established early in 1931 to lobby for Repeal planks at both the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

Pierre du Pont was selected chair of the United Repeal Council, which was estimated to represent 2,500,000 Americans. Its long-range strategy was to promote the election of public officials who supported Repeal.

Of course, no long-range plans were necessary because the failure of National Prohibition and the serious problems it created soon led 74% of American voters to reject it in favor of Repeal, which was accomplished in 1933.

Surprisingly, in spite of the abysmal and undeniable failure of Prohibition, many people and organizations today support neo-prohibition ideas and strongly defend the many vestiges of Prohibition that continue to remain.


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