Protect Yourself from Drunk Drivers

Defensive driving is always wise, but it can be vitally important in saving your life if faced with a drunk or impaired driver. A much higher proportion of drivers are impaired late at night, especially on weekends. Avoid injury or death from such drivers by being on the lookout for anyone impaired by alcohol, drugs, sleep deprivation, inattention, or any other reason. 1 Remember that victims of impaired driving are just as injured or dead whatever the cause of the offender’s impairment.

Common signs of drunk driving include any of the following:
If you suspect that a driver is drunk, drive very defensively:
As quickly as possible, notify low enforcement authorities (police, sheriff or highway patrol) by dialing 911 or *SP on cell phone:
Protect yourself and others

Think about it: Impaired driving can be caused by alcohol, prescription drugs, fatigue, anger, inattention/distraction, illegal drugs, dementia, and many other things. However, a person killed by impairment for any one of these reasons is just as dead as one killed by another.

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