Doctors for Designated Driving

The mission of Doctors for Designated Driving (DFDD) is to increase public safety through the promotion of designated driving. To achieve this goal, the non-profit organization works with all interested members of the hospitality industry to promote the use of designated drivers. It recognizes cooperating partners for their commitment to public safety through publicity, recognition awards, and events.

A designated driver is simply a person who agrees to abstain from alcohol and be responsible for driving others home. The others are free to drink or not as they choose. 1 Many establishments provide free non-alcoholic beverages to designated drivers and Doctors for Designated Driving works to increase that number.

Designated drivers have probably saved over 50,000 lives and spared hundreds of thousands of people from suffering injury from drunk driving. Over nine out of 10 Americans who attend social events where alcohol is served would like to see designated drivers used. And the proportion of people using or being a designated driver has increased dramatically over time. Each year over 73,000,000 Americans either serve as a designated driver or are driven home by one.

A designated driver helps friends and family to

Advantages to the designated driver concept:

Doctors for Designated Driving is the voice of the medical community in support of this evidence-based public health measure. It asks all physicians and medical students to sign-on in support of its principles.


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