Alcohol Test Kits Given

To prevent unnecessary alcohol-related traffic crashes among young people, the Arizona State Department of Public Safety plans to supply high-school students with Guardian Angel Personal Alcohol Test strips. "Don't let your friend be dead wrong. Test your friend before it's too late" is the message accompanying the kit.

The test strips, which are activated by being placed in the mouth, indicate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) within three ranges that experts report are highly indicative of risk. The package conspicuously states that it is best not to drive even at low BAC levels.

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety promotes the plan as the first part of an aggressive campaign to reduce alcohol-related traffic accidents.

Although it is praised by many parents, Arizona's Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is strongly opposed to the plan, which it sees as inconsistent with the organization's strict abstinence message.



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