MADD is Wrong

MADD of Colorado asserts that “everyone” is impaired at .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Not so. To the contrary, research has actually demonstrated that about one of every four alcoholics (24%) shows no clinical signs of impairment whatsoever at a BAC fully one-quarter higher than .08. That’s because they acquire a high tolerance for alcohol that others don’t have.

In addition to having its facts wrong, Colorado MADD reveals its anti-alcohol agenda by opposing highly-regulated liquor-tasting events at retail outlets as well as “corking” of wine bottles when the beverage isn’t fully consumed at restaurants.

The “corking” law is designed to encourage moderation in drinking. If an unfinished bottle of wine must be discarded, patrons are inclined to drink more than they would otherwise to avoid losing the beverage.

MADD’s opposition to a law promoting moderation and discouraging over-consumption of alcohol is difficult to understand except as a reflection of its increasingly pro-temperance orientation. Even the founder of MADD has expressed displeasure with the change in the organization’s direction from anti-drunk driving to anti-alcohol.


For more about MADD, visit Mothers Against Drunk Driving.


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