Advocates Against Impaired Driving

Advocates Against Impaired Driving (AAID) is a new organization formed to expand the fight against impaired driving caused by either alcohol or drugs. It was established by Marie Greger-Smith who had been the voice of Indiana Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for 21 years.

The goal of Advocates against Impaired Driving is wider than that of MADD, which is restricted to alcohol-related impairment. For example, MADD’s victim impact programs are limited to those harmed by alcohol-intoxicated drivers. However, AAID‘s “destructive decision panels” include those harmed by either alcohol-impaired or drug-impaired driving.

More good news is that MADD Canada has launched a major drive against drug-impaired driving. Drug-impaired driving is a largely ignored problem in both Canada and the United States. And people killed by drug-impaired drivers are just as dead as those killed by alcohol-impaired drivers.



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