Blue Law Blues

A study by the former Director of Tax and Fiscal Studies for the New York State Assembly, economist Charels de Seve, estimates a net annual gain of $36.6 million in direct local and state sales taxes, excise taxes, income taxes, and corporate taxes if the state ends blue laws that prevent liquor stores from opening on Sundays.

The study also estimates a $70 million increase in various tax receipts annually from all resulting economic activity, including a statewide addition of 2,000 jobs if the neo-prohibitionist laws are abolished.

"New Yorkers are disadvantaged by Depression-era laws in a 21st-century economy," says de Seve, because people are leaving the state to buy liquor elsewhere on Sundays.


  • Virtanen, M. Study Says Ending Blue Laws Would Add Jobs, Tax Revenues.
  • Associated Press (June 19, 2002)

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