Legalize Sunday Alcoholic Beverage Sales

“Connecticut must legalize Sunday alcohol sales” asserts a newspaper editorial. It points out that in the 1600’s, religiously inspired blue laws were passed to curb such behaviors as dice games, card playing and sexual intercourse on the Sabbath. Also prohibited was commerce, including buying alcohol beverages on that day.

While virtually all the other prohibitions were abolished decades ago, the law forbidding consumers from purchasing alcohol beverages has continued for 400 years. “All blue laws are inherently flawed , unconstitutional statutes, as they unjustly impose subjective religious standards onto the general population” observes the commentary.

The editorial concludes that "the Connecticut legislature needs to realize that the ban on Sunday alcohol sales is wholly unconstitutional, and that it has had a deleterious effect on personal liberty simultaneously costing the state millions of dollars in tax revenue. Accordingly, the state government should repeal this foolish law and finally grant the states’ residents the freedom they deserve."



  • Connecticut must legalize Sunday alcohol sales. The Daily Campus, October 3, 2005.

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