Youth and Alcohol Ads: Are Youth Overexposed?

The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) repeatedly issues reports asserting that young people under the age of 21 are “overexposed” to alcohol beverage ads.

In its investigation of alcohol marketing and youth, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) emphasized that “CAMY’s data confirm, however, that adults are in fact the primary audience for alcohol advertising.”

The FTC also observed that “CAMY’s report that Hispanic youth reveals that Hispanic teen GRPs (gross rating points*) for spot radio were slightly larger than the GRPs for adults over 21.” That implies that young people are hearing more alcohol ads on radio than are those over 21. However, “when converted to impressions, one can determine that adults over twenty-one received 20 times more impressions than Hispanic youth.”

CAMY wants us to believe that Hispanic youth hear more alcohol ads on radio than do Hispanics adults when their own data show that adults actually hear 20 alcohol ads for each one heard by someone under the legal drinking age!

To learn more about CAMY, visit The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth.


*For a definition and detailed explanation of gross rating points and related issues, see the References and Readings section.

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