College Campus Alcohol Policies can be Dangerous

Lynn Gordon Bailey, a freshman at the University of Colorado, died of an alcohol overdose because his fraternity brothers didn’t call paramedics. They didn’t seek medical assistance for fear both he and they would be punished because of harsh university alcohol policies.

Such needless deaths could be avoided by implementing pragmatic campus policies. Following Lynn’s tragic death, Colorado enacted a law that grants immunity to anyone drinking illegally who calls 911 to get help for a drunken friend.

The director of alcohol education initiatives for the North American Interfraternity Conference stresses that “one of the biggest problems out there is students are afraid to call for help.”  With the national trend toward “clamping down” and “getting tougher” on underage drinking, this life-threatening problem may get worse unless amnesty provisions are widely adopted.



  • Students are dying to see campus drug policies changed. DARE Generation Diary, January 25, 2006.

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