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1. For a detailed explanation of entrapment, visit Compliance Checks and the Issue of Entrapment at http://www.geocities.com/uthurs_alcove/stings/Entrapment.html

2. Stings Have Failed. http://www.geocities.com/uthurs_alcove/stings/Failed.html

3. Alcohol Compliance Checks: A Procedures Manual for Enforcing Alcohol Age-of Sale Law. University of Minnesota. Alcohol Epidemiology Program, 2000. The anti-alcohol Robert Wood Johnson Foundation paid for the preparation and writing of this manual. That may explain why it recommends that the buyer give an excuse for not having identification, even if the clerk refuses to sell the alcohol. The procedure appears to be perilously close to entrapment, if it doesn’t actually constitute illegal entrapment. For more on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, visit The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Financier of Temperance.

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