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Alcohol Tests (Hair, Saliva, Sweat): What You Need to Know

Alcohol tests of the breath (“breathalyzers”) to estimate blood alcohol concentration or BAC are well-known. Many people also know that blood itself can be tested to determine its BAC. But there are other alcohol tests that can be used to estimate the consumption of alcohol. They include hair, saliva and sweat tests. Hair Alcohol Tests […]

Unreliable Breathalyzer Tests: Innocent Drivers Harmed

Unreliable breathalyzer tests unjustly harm innocent drivers. Strict enforcement of DWI and DUI laws is essential. It increases public safety and reduce needless injuries and deaths. But it’s also important to prevent innocent drivers from being unjustly convicted by unreliable breathalyzer tests. Learn how unreliable breathalyzer tests can provide falsely high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) […]

How Long Can Urine Alcohol Tests Detect Drinking?

Urine alcohol tests are widely used. How long after the drinking can the tests detect it? Depends. There are two kinds of urine alcohol tests. The first identifies the presence of ethanol (beverage alcohol) in urine. After alcohol is consumed, some is broken down in the body. Some leaves through the breath, perspiration, feces, and […]

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