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Howard Hyde Russell: Temperance Leader

Howard Hyde Russell (1855-1946) was the founder of the powerful Anti-Saloon League. Following a religious conversion, he gave up the practice of law to become a Congregational minister. Long opposed to the consumption of alcohol, he conceived of the League while attending the funeral of an alcoholic woman. At that time he pledged to himself […]

P.T. Barnum, Dedicated Anti-Alcohol Temperance Campaigner

P.T. Barnum, of Barnum & Bailey Circus fame, wrote that he was a drinking person until about the age of 40. “Then, I saw so much intoxication among men of wealth, filling the highest positions in society, that I began to ask myself the question ‘What guarantee is there that I may not become a […]

Women Leaders of Temperance & Prohibition

The women leaders of temperance and prohibition were highly committed to promoting their vision of a better world in which to live and raise their families. Following the Background section is a large number of women who contributed significantly to the temperance movement. Background Long before women gained the right to vote in the United […]


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