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How to Buy a Bottle of Wine: Buyer’s Guide to Good Wine

Selecting wine can be an overwhelming or even intimidating experience. Thousands of bottles from around the world line the shelves ranging in price from $3.00 to $300.00 or more. Which one will you buy? Do you know how to buy a bottle of wine? They sometimes bear gold stickers proclaiming their victories in wine competitions. […]

Alcohol Prices and Binge Drinking: Connected?

Are alcohol prices and binge drinking connected? Could raising the price of alcohol (beer, wine and spirits or liquor) help reduce binge drinking? Heavy episodic drinking (often called binge drinking) is a serious health risk problem, especially among young people. There is great disagreement as to how binge drinking can best be reduced. There are […]

Economic Costs of Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol Taxes
Sunday Alcohol Sales / Blue Laws
Alcohol Marketing / Advertising / Sales

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