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grocers sell liquor
Should Grocers Sell Liquor (Distilled Spirits)? It’s a Food.

Should grocers sell liquor (spirits)? French grocery stores sell beer, wine and spirits, which is a logical place to purchase these products. Wine, beer and spirits are all foods. Both custom and food law in the Western World recognize them as foods. So it’s natural to sell them along with… Read more

grocers sell liquor
Cooking with Liquor or Spirits (Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Brandy, Gin, Etc.)

Many people cook with wine. However, cooking with liquor or spirits adds exciting new dimentions to food. Spirits give different flavors to dishes, making them more interesting. As the alcohol evaporates, their essences are concentrated. Their sugars also become carmelized. And, of course, nothing compares to the excitement of a… Read more

american whiskey trail
The American Whiskey Trail (A Top Travel Destination)

The American Whiskey Trail provides an educational journey into the history and cultural heritage of distilled spirits in America. It includes historical sites and operating distilleries that are open to the public for tours. Frommer’s has rated the American Whiskey Trail one of the top travel destinations. “We picked the… Read more

Weird Alcohol Laws Across the Entire US (Weird Drinking Laws)

Weird alcohol laws exist across the US. They often reflect the effects of our long and powerful the temperance movement. Many are also result from conflicting economic interests. For example, reducing competition. As a result, states and other jurisdictions in the US often have conflicting laws.  For example, some require… Read more

Underage Drinking is Not a Problem (If Not, What Is?)

This is a staff editorial from the Daily Barometer, Oregon State University’s award-winning student newspaper. It argues that underage drinking is not a problem.   Underage drinking is not a problem. The problematic situation is over-consumption. This is a result of our society’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Overconsumption is everywhere in… Read more

Effective College Alcohol Policies (and Ineffective Ones)

Crafting effective college alcohol policies that protect the health and life of students is harder than it might appear. That’s because what first appears to be an easy solution fails. I. Ineffective College Alcohol Policies Scare Students Some colleges use scare tactics. They stress the horrible things that could happen… Read more

Reducing Underage Alcohol Abuse (How to Do It)

Newspaper editor Fil Gravatte explains here how to go about to reducing underage alcohol abuse. Resources on the topic follow his piece.   I suppose we can argue that it’s ignorance or just plain human nature. When people are held within boundaries, they always seem to cross the lines. They… Read more

Giving Alcohol to a Minor (or Providing or Supplying It)

Giving alcohol to a minor can seem harmless, especially when the quantity is small. However the negative consequences to the person who supplies it can be both serious and permanent. Students preparing for some careers may be blocked if they are found guilty of unlawfully dealing with a minor or… Read more

social history of alcohol
Effective Alcohol Education: What Works with Underage Youths

Public policy in the U.S. calls for complete alcohol abstinence by all people under age 21. However, it’s highly unsuccessful. Indeed, the policy has actually been counterproductive. That is, causing more problems than it prevents. We absolutely must replace failed programs with effective alcohol education. Alcohol education programs are virtually… Read more

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