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Asthma is Reduced by Drinking Alcohol in Moderation

People who abstain, rarely drink, or drink heavily are at much higher risk of developing asthma. That’s in comparison to those who drink in moderation. Those are the findings of a large study in Denmark. In short, it found that the risk of developing asthma is reduced by drinking alcohol… Read more

drinkers consume less
Most Heavy Drinkers Consume Less over Time: Learn Why Some Don’t

Many people believe that heavy or problem drinking1 leads to alcoholism or alcohol dependence.2  Researchers tested this idea. They found that most heavy drinkers consume less alcohol over time. First, researchers identified problem drinkers through random-digit-dial telephone screening northern California. Then they made in-person interviews with 672 people. The mean age… Read more

alcohol and traumatic injury
Alcohol and Traumatic Injury Deaths: Discover More!

Drinking alcohol and traumatic injury deaths. Does alcohol improve survival? Evidence strongly suggests that alcohol reduces death from traumatic injury. The reason may be that alcohol reduces damaging inflamation. Most research finds that a positive blood alcohol concentration (BAC) helps patients survive traumatic injury. And this is true for both… Read more

responsible alcohol consumption
Handbook for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (Very Useful!)

Clear Thinking When Drinking. The Handbook for Responsible Alcohol Consumption is a practical, no-nonsense, user-friendly guide to drinking in moderation. People in our society are constantly bombarded with conflicting beliefs about alcoholic beverages: *Alcohol is a poison. *It’s the key to good health. *Alcohol is a drug and ensnares its… Read more

Intoxication and Distraction are Dangerous for Driving

Both intoxication and distraction are dangerous for driving driving. Either can cause fatal traffic accidents. Combining the two additionally increases the risk of crashes, according to research. Study participants used a driving simulator. Their primary goal was to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of them. Their secondary… Read more

Perils of Drinking in America (A Warning to Europeans!)

In “The perils of drinking in America,” reporter Simon Calder of the Belfast Telegraph alerts readers traveling to the U.S. what to expect. He explains that the U.S. has created a tangle of confusing laws designed to deter drinking, especially among young people. For example, 48-year-old Rachel Ally was required… Read more

hosting office parties
Hosting Office Parties: Helpful Tips for Safety and Success

Hosting office parties can be a mine field of potential problems. These can be social, professional, or legal. Therefoere, it’s wise to plan office parties very carefully. Here are few tips to help avoid problems and have a successful office party. Tips Be very clear. Be clear about the workplace substance… Read more

Swedish Experience with Alcohol: We Should Learn from Sweden

Frank Ward has lived in Sweden for decades. He has seen the the Swedish experience with alcohol up close. Here he reflects on the changes he has witnessed over time.1 He points out that “During my lifetime I have followed one nation’s progress from near-prohibition to a more liberal, tolerant approach.… Read more

prevent alcohol poisoning
Prevent Alcohol Poisoning Deaths (Here’s How to Do It!)

About a half-dozen young people die every year in the U.S. of alcohol poisoning, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These tragic deaths are completely preventable. You can help prevent alcohol poisoning. Following the alcohol poisoning death of Samantha Spady, her parents established the SAM… Read more

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