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alcohol trivia resources
Alcohol Trivia Resources (Links to Alcohol Trivia)

These alcohol trivia resources link to alcohol trivia web pages full of fun trivia. Discover lots of trivia to share with your family and friends! But first, this isn’t trivial. In fact, it’s important for both health and safety. The total alcohol content of a standard serving of beer, wine,… Read more

Effects of Bogus Intoxication: Sham Intoxication Has Real Effects

The effects of bogus intoxication surprise people. Bogus or sham intoxication has real effects on people and their actions. Specifically, people who falsely believe that they have been consuming alcohol tend to act like people who have actually been drinking. Conversely, people who don’t realize that they have been consuming… Read more

fake ID cards
Prohibition Dictionary and Glossary of Words Related to Prohibition

This Prohibition dictionary and glossary is a guide to terms and organizations related to National Prohibition (1920-1933) in the U.S. It does not list people. Alcohol Alcohol refers to ethyl alcohol or ethanol, the type found in alcohol beverages. It is also commonly used to refer to alcohol   beverage… Read more

Alcohol and Vaginal Cancer Risk: Does Drinking Effect Risk?

Women may be concerned about drinking alcohol and vaginal cancer risk. However, drinking alcohol (wine, distilled spirits or beer) does not increase the risk of developing cancer of the vagina. That’s the conclusion of leading medical organizations. They include the National Cancer Institute, American Society of Clinical Oncology, CancerHelp UK,… Read more

exercise vs. alcohol for heart health
Exercise vs. Alcohol for Heart Health (Which is Better?)

Exercising is good for heart health. So is drinking alcohol (beer, wine and liquor or spirits) in moderation. Which wins in an exercise vs. alcohol for heart health contest? Or can we substitute one for the other? To see if exercise and moderate alcohol consumption are interchangeable, Researchers at the… Read more

underage alcohol sales entrapment
Underage Alcohol Sales Entrapment Stings

Entrapment is illegal because it is an attempt to induce law-abiding citizens into in crimes that they would not otherwise have committed. It tricks and deceives the innocent into breaking the law. For that reason, it is a federal crime. In the words of the U.S. Supreme Court, entrapment “deserves… Read more

Teen View on Reducing Alcohol Abuse (We Can Learn from Teens)

Here a reader gives a teen view on reducing alcohol abuse. It’s based on her cross-cultural experience.   Hi, I came across your website while trying to find and compare alcohol abuse statistics between France and the US. Here is an excerpt of the paper I am writing. I thought… Read more

alcohol ads and underage drinking
Alcohol Ads and Underage Drinking (What Does Science Say?)

Are alcohol ads and underage drinking related? Can reducing or eliminating alcohol ads on TV reduce underage drinking? Simple solutions to complex issues are always temping. Unfortunately, news reports can mislead if they don’t accurately summarize research findings. Misleading Reporting In reporting the findings of a study1 on the subject,… Read more

Early Puberty and Early Drinking Age (Are They Related?)

Are early puberty and early drinking age related? Researchers wanted to know the answer. To do so, they studied 1,117 young people. They found that early onset of puberty predicts early consumption of alcohol and intoxication. And it does so among both males and females. It also predicts smoking, drug… Read more

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