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bourbon country trail
Bourbon Country Trail (Popular Destination in Kentucky)

Kentucky’s Bourbon Country Trail is a very popular drive. Travellers can visit six Bourbon distilleries located close to each other. They’re scattered among the rolling hills west of Lexington. Bourbon has been a part of American history and culture for over 200 years. As a result,  Congress has declared Bourbon… Read more

alcoholism is a behavioral pattern
Alcoholism is a Behavioral Pattern Best Helped by Behavioral Treatment

A substantial proportion of doctors in the U.S. believe that alcoholism is a behavioral pattern. They reject the theory that alcoholism is a disease. So they don’t treat it themselves. Instead, they typically send their patients to Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). A.A. Beliefs In A.A., alcoholics are taught that they Suffer… Read more

alcoholism is a behavioral pattern
Is Alcoholism a Progressive Disease? What’s the Evidence?

Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and some others consider alcoholism a progressive disease. They believe the alcoholic has no control over it. Therefore, the only effective treatment is complete abstention from all alcohol. The Theory The theory that alcoholism is a progressive disease is the foundation upon which AA and other 12… Read more

sin taxes on alcohol
Sin Taxes on Alcohol Beverages: What You Need to Know

Taxes on alcohol beverages are often called “sin taxes.” Perhaps that’s a justification for raising them. The news is full of debates about increasing so-called . But what’s sinful about alcoholic beverages? Absolutely nothing. Saint Thomas Aquinas said that no substance is sinful, “but only the misuse of it that… Read more

Alcohol and Drinking in American Life and Culture. (Fun Facts of Our Past)

Drinking in American life goes back to the early colonial settlers. (Virtually no Native Americans had alcoholic beverages.) Some have called making, distributing and drinking alcohol as American as apple pie. Actually, these activities may be more American than apple pie. That’s because they existed in America long before apples… Read more

Alcoholic Loss of Control (Basic to Disease Theory of Alcoholism)

In the mid-1930’s, Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) began promoting the theory that alcoholism is a disease. Alcoholics latched onto the theory because they could see themselves as victims of a disease. Thus, they wern’t responsible for their drinking problem. Doctors, hospitals, and alcohol rehabs liked the theory because they could then… Read more

teen view on reducing alcohol
Age at First Intoxication More Important than Age at First Drink

Much research focuses on early age of first drink. Researchers usually call this early onset of drinking. (They ignore age at first intoxication.) Many report that age at first drink is associated with later drinking problems. However, no one knows why this is so. There are two obvious possibilities. One… Read more

alcohol policies and adolescent drinking
Alcohol Policies and Adolescent Drinking Behaviors (Important!)

Is there a connection between alcohol policies and adolescent drinking behaviors? For example, do strict policies reduce heavy drinking? What about heavy episodic or so-called “binge” drinking? Research Study Researchers wanted to know. So they studied the matter among 15- and 16-year old youth in 40 European and North American… Read more

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