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moderate drinkers less obese
Moderate Drinkers Less Obese than Alcohol Non-Drinkers

Much research shows that regular moderate drinkers are less likely to be obese than are abstainers. Hence, the title, Moderate Drinkers Less Obese. This is true over decaades of life and when alternative explanations are considered. That includes the possibility that some abstainers may be “sick quitters.” It also considers… Read more

alcohol facts are dangerous
How Much Does Alcohol Cost Society? You Might be Surprised!

The question “How much does alcohol cost society?” is fairly easy to answer. However, it’s essential to distinguish between drinking in moderation and abusing alcohol. Failure to do so leads to radically different estimates. That’s because drinking in moderation is associated with better health, longer longevity, higher income and other… Read more

intoxication isn't an excuse
Intoxication Isn’t an Excuse for Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault

This article is by Mary Fontanazza, an expert on abuse. She explains why intoxication isn’t an excuse for any bad behavior. Of course, this includes domestic abuse and sexual assault. Nevertheless, people usually try to excuse their bad behavior on their intoxication. Doing so is comforting to perpetrators, victims, and… Read more

Committee of Fifty for the Investigation of the Liquor Problem
Committee of Fifty for the Investigation of the Liquor Problem

The Committee of Fifty for the Investigation of the Liquor Problem was formed to study Scientific Temperance Instruction. As the end of the 1800s approached, Scientific Temperance Instruction was widely required by law. Virtually every state, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. possessions requierd it. Specifically, each had strong… Read more

bone-dry laws
Bone-Dry Laws (Highly Restrictive Alcohol Prohibition Laws)

Many states had their own state-wide alcohol prohibition before National Prohibition (1920-1933). Many of these laws were much more restrictive than National Prohibition. As a result, people called them bone-dry laws. Other states passed bone-dry laws in frustration after finding that National Prohibition was failing. Oklahoma Bone-Dry Law Passed Before Prohibition… Read more

alcohol-related and alcohol-caused
Breathalyzer Mistakes Poisoning for Alcohol Intoxication

Breathalyzers (alcohol brearth testers) are prone to error. This can lead to serious legal problems. However, they can also lead to seriously mistaken medical diagnoses. Case in point. A breathalyzer mistakes poisoning for alcohol intoxication. Here’s the story. Police found an apparently intoxicated middle-aged man in a public park. A… Read more

Board of Temperance Strategy
Board of Temperance Strategy (Fought to Prevent Repeal of Prohibition)

The Board of Temperance Strategy was established 1930 by the Anti-Saloon League. It was a “last ditch” effort to coordinate resistance to the growing public demand for Repeal. That is, to repeal National Prohibition (1920-1933). Opposition to Prohibition had been rising in the late 1920s. That’s because more and more people… Read more

alcohol abuse can be reduced
Alcohol Abuse Can be Reduced (Here’s Exactly How)

This page will show that alcohol abuse can be reduced. The substance of ethanol is the same around the world. What does vary greatly are three things. First, the beliefs and attitudes that people have about alcohol. Second, their behaviors in relation to it. Third, the results of their consumption… Read more

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