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Prohibition in Illinois: From Beginning to End

Prohibition in Illinois was promising at the start. Temperance movements had been popular in the state as early as 1833. Prohibition sentiment had grown much stronger since then. In the early 20th century the General Assembly passed a local option law. It was sponsored by the Anti-Saloon League. That law led to prohibition in two-thirds …

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Temperance Magazines (Temperance Journals or Periodicals)

temperance magzines

Many organizations published temperance magazines or journals. This listing includes most of those. However, it does not include annual reports, minutes, proceedings, or yearbooks. After each temperance magazine is when available, the place of publication, the sponsoring organization, and the dates of publication. Clicking on the title leads to its entry on Worldcat. (That’s short …

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Perils of Drinking in America (A Warning to Europeans!)

In “The perils of drinking in America,” reporter Simon Calder of the Belfast Telegraph alerts readers traveling to the U.S. what to expect. He explains that the U.S. has created a tangle of confusing laws designed to deter drinking, especially among young people. For example, 48-year-old Rachel Ally was required to prove she was 21 …

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Weird Alcohol Laws Across the US (Weird Drinking Laws)

underage drinking legal

Weird alcohol laws exist across the US. They often reflect the effects of our long and powerful the temperance movement. Many are also a result from conflicting economic interests. For example, reducing competition. As a result, states and other jurisdictions in the US often have conflicting laws.  For instance, some require that the interior of …

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The Prohibition and Repeal Experiences of Various States

Discover the Prohibition and Repeal experiences of various States. There were strongholds of temperance sentiment. There were also bastions of opposition. And of course, there were great variations among others So different states responded in different ways. Alabama Alabamans came to reject Prohibition by a resounding vote of nearly 60% in favor of Repeal. Nevertheless, much …

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Is Alcoholism a Disease? (Here’s the Evidence and Logic)

doctors reject alcoholism as disease

Is alcoholism a disease? The debate is over whether alcoholism is a disease or simply a serious behavioral problem. It’s continued for over 200 years. And it doesn’t appear likely to end anytime soon. The disease theory of alcoholism is just that… an unproven theory. I. Disease Theory Propositions Dr. Herbert Fingarette notes that the …

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The KKK and the WCTU: Close Partners in Prohibition

alcohol from 1913 to

The KKK and the WCTU worked closely together to promote and defend alcohol prohibition. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) shared common interests. They both favored women’s right to vote, Protestantism, and the protection of domesticity. They also shared hostility toward immigrants. For this reason, the two groups cooperated with …

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