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Women and Temperance: Essential for Establishing Prohibition

women and temperance

Women and temperance were closely linked. The temperance movement relied heavily on their enthusiastic support. And they were essential to the establishment of National Prohibition (1920-1933). I.  Martha Washingtonians One of the earliest temperance groups was the Martha Washingtonians. Officially, it was the Ladies’ Temperance Benevolent Society. Temperance activists formed it in 1841. Women who …

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Temperance Magazines (Temperance Journals or Periodicals)

temperance magzines

Many organizations published temperance magazines or journals. This listing includes most of those. However, it does not include annual reports, minutes, proceedings, or yearbooks. After each temperance magazine is when available, the place of publication, the sponsoring organization, and the dates of publication. Clicking on the title leads to its entry on Worldcat. (That’s short …

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Board of Temperance Strategy (Fought to Prevent Repeal of Prohibition)

Board of Temperance Strategy

The Board of Temperance Strategy was established 1930 by the Anti-Saloon League. It was a “last ditch” effort to coordinate resistance to the growing public demand for Repeal. That is, to repeal National Prohibition (1920-1933). Opposition to Prohibition had been rising in the late 1920s. That’s because more and more people thought it was causing many …

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Mamie Colvin (Mrs. D. Leigh Colvin)Temperance Activist

Mamie Colvin usually called herself Mrs. D. Leigh Colvin. She was born in Westview, Ohio, on June 12, 1883. She was the daughter of Rev. Levi White and Mary Belle (Hudelson) White. Her father had been elected to the New York State Assembly in 1851. Even as a child, Mamie White championed prohibition and won …

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 Dr. Dio Lewis (Diocletian Lewis) Major Temperance Leader

Dr. Dio Lewis

Dr. Dio Lewis, officially Diocletian Lewis (1823-1886), was a temperance leader. However, he was also a preacher, feminist, social reformer, and food/health faddist. And many considered Lewis to be an eccentric. Background His father had been a “notorious drunkard.” Perhaps that led to his strong belief that alcohol was a great evil. Lewis illegally used …

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Daisy Douglas Barr (WCTU and KKK Temperance Leader)

Daisy Douglas Barr

Daisy Douglas Barr was the fiery Imperial Empress (leader) of the Women’s Ku Klux Klan (WKKK) in Indiana and seven other states. Thus, she led about 250,000 WKKK members. That was in the early 1920s. Barr worked closely with the Indiana KKK‘s “Grand Wizard,” D.C. Stevenson. Together, they worked hard on the governor’s race. Many …

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