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Alcoholism and Denial: a Serious Problem Faced by Alcoholics

alcoholism and denial

Almost everyone has heard that alcoholism and denial are related. And probably everyone has heard the old “Have you stopped beating your wife” trick question. Answering either yes or no damns the respondent. Similarly, the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12-step program also supports a “heads I win, tails you lose” trick question. Question: “Are you alcoholic?” …

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Many Doctors Reject Alcoholism as a Disease

Many doctors reject alcoholism as a disease. There are many public statements that alcoholism is a disease. But as Dr. Lynne Appleton says, “medical practice rejects treating it as such. Not only does alcoholism not follow the model of a ‘disease,’ it is not amenable to standard medical treatment.”1 Dr. Appleton explains that “medical research …

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Alcoholic Loss of Control (Disease Theory of Alcoholism)

In the mid-1930’s, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) began promoting the theory that alcoholism is a disease. Alcoholics latched onto the theory because they could see themselves as victims of a disease. Thus, they wern’t responsible for their drinking problem. Doctors, hospitals, and alcohol rehabs liked the theory because they could then be paid for treating the …

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Is Alcoholism a Disease? (Here’s the Evidence and Logic)

doctors reject alcoholism as disease

Is alcoholism a disease? The debate is over whether alcoholism is a disease or simply a serious behavioral problem. It’s continued for over 200 years. And it doesn’t appear likely to end anytime soon. The disease theory of alcoholism is just that… an unproven theory. I. Disease Theory Propositions Dr. Herbert Fingarette notes that the …

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Acupuncture for Alcoholism or Alcohol Dependence

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Acupuncture has been a therapeutic technique for thousands of years in China. It’s relatively new in the West. However, it’s now popular there as well. That includes acupuncture for alcoholism treatment. For this reason, it’s often offered as a treatment option. Overview Acupuncture Theory Acupuncture for Alcoholism Effectiveness Acupuncture is Popular Resources I. Acupuncture Theory …

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