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Anti-Alcohol Bureaucrats Suppress Health Information

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This piece argues that anti-alcohol bureaucrats suppress positive facts about drinking in moderation. Richard Lessner is the author. He has served as editorial page editor of The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News. _______ Yet another scientific report details the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. That’s right, the benefits of moderate drinking. But don’t …

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Current Anti-Alcohol Activists: Prohibition Drip by Drip

anti-alcohol activists

21st Century anti-alcohol activists want to vilify responsible drinking. by John Doyle Over 80 years ago, states began voting to ratify the 21st Amendment. That marked an important milestone on the road to ending National Prohibition. But a subtler and more insidious movement is now using a back-door approach to de-legitimize social drinking. Some people …

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Temperance Organizations & Groups of the U.S.

Temperance organizations succeeded in causing National Prohibition in the U.S. (1920-1933). Any successful social movement requires the efforts of effective groups. They guide the actions of dedicated people. Virtually all such groups fall into obscurity over time. This, in spite of their achievements. Temperance Organizations Presented  by Alphabet American Temperance Society (American Society for the Promotion …

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Please Say Something Bad About Alcohol!!!

something bad about alcohol

Government has long promoted the belief that alcohol, even in moderation, is harmful. It has also censored evidence to the contrary. The attitude seems to be simple. That is, “If you can’t say something bad about alcohol, don’t say anything.” Pressure from anti-alcohol groups has supported this view. It still does. Such groups include the …

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