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Doctors Recommend Drinking Alcohol to Patients for Health?

Should doctors recommend drinking alcohol to their patients to improve their health and long life? Moderate drinking is linked with better health and longer life. That’s comparing it to not drinking or drinking heavily. That’s the consensus of medical researchers. And that’s based on very strong medical evidence. In fact, abstaining from alcohol is a …

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Drinking Alcohol & Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health, & Death

alcohol and diabetic retinopathy

Investigators reviewed existing research on the effects of drinking alcohol and diabetes, cardiovascular health, and death. They focused on type 2 or adult-onset diabetes.         Overview I.  Research Evidence II. Diabetes III.Resources I. Research Evidence They found that light and moderate alcohol consumption decreases the risk of diabetes, according to most studies. …

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Cardiovascular Health Helped from Drinking Over Guidelines

Hundreds of studies have found that cardiovascular health is better among moderate drinkers. That’s compared to either abstainers or heavy drinkers.. Many different research methods have been used. They all point to the same conclusion. Moderate drinking improves the health of the circulatory system. That includes the heart. Moderate drinkers tend to enjoy better health …

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