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Alcoholic Athletes (Do Any of the Names Surprise You?)

alcoholic athletes

Alcoholic athletes? Of course. Athletes are people, and alcoholism cuts across society. It doesn’t respect occupation, race, income, or other demographics. (Be sure to visit Famous Alcoholics and Alcoholic Musicians.) Perhaps you’ll be surprised at some of the names. Please see the disclaimer note at the end of this page. Now on to the list …

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Prohibition Dictionary and Glossary of Prohibition Words.

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This Prohibition dictionary and glossary is a guide to terms and organizations related to National Prohibition (1920-1933) in the U.S. It does not list people. Alcohol Alcohol refers to ethyl alcohol or ethanol, the type found in alcohol beverages. It is also commonly used to refer to alcohol   beverage in general. The word alcohol …

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The Prohibition and Repeal Experiences of Various States

Discover the Prohibition and Repeal experiences of various States. Some were strongholds of temperance sentiment. Others were bastions of opposition. And of course, there were great variations among others So different states responded in different ways. Alabama Alabamans came to reject Prohibition by a vote of nearly 60% in favor of Repeal. Yet much temperance sentiment …

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Prohibition in Minnesota: Optimism Turned Into Despair

prohibition in Minnesota

Prohibition in Minnesota was welcomed. The state had a long temperance history. It strongly supported National Prohibition (1920-1933) when it began. I. Volstead Act The National Prohibition Act of 1919 is usually called the Volstead Act. That recognizes Minnesotan Andrew Volstead. It was Volstead who introduced the legislation and oversaw its successful passage through Congress. …

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