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Drug Substituted for Alcohol by Underage Persons

medicins for alcoholism.

Klonopin (clonazepam), a prescription drug, has become an alternative to drinking alcohol by many young people, according to police. That is, Klonopin is a drug substituted for alcohol by underage people. Unintended Consequence With increasing crackdowns on the availability of alcoholic beverages to youth, they increasingly turn to alternatives. Although readily available, Klonopin can be …

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Alcohol as a Cause of Traffic Crashes: Very Important Issue

Alcohol-related traffic crashes are not necessarily caused by alcohol. Many are, but no one knows the exact proportion. So what’s the role of alcohol as a cause of traffic crashes? First, there’s very strong evidence of two important things. Alcohol adversely affects driving-related skills. That’s such things as vision, reaction time, judgment, and the ability …

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