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Calories in Alcoholic Beverages: Stressing Them Counter-Productive?

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A common way of trying to discourage alcohol drinking among college students is to emphasize the calories in alcoholic beverages. However, this may have dangerous outcomes. I. The Study A study of 4,271 undergraduate college students from ten universities participated in the study. Thirty-nine percent of the students had consumed alcohol within the previous 30 …

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Weird Alcohol Laws Across the US (Weird Drinking Laws)

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Weird alcohol laws exist across the US. They often reflect the effects of our long and powerful the temperance movement. Many are also a result from conflicting economic interests. For example, reducing competition. As a result, states and other jurisdictions in the US often have conflicting laws.  For instance, some require that the interior of …

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Doctors Recommend Drinking Alcohol to Patients for Health?

Should doctors recommend drinking alcohol to their patients to improve their health and longevity? Moderate drinking is associated with better health and longer life than is either abstaining or abusing alcohol. That’s the consensus of medical researchers based on overwhelming scientific evidence. In fact, abstaining from alcohol is a risk factor for poor health and …

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