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Alcohol Monopolies are Anti-Consumer: Poor Choice, etc.

alcohol monopolies are anti-consumer

Competition among producers of goods and services benefits consumers. It increases consumer choice, reduces prices, and improves customer service. Therefore, alcohol monopolies are anti-consumer. Monopolies Harm Consumers It was abolishing the old telephone monopoly that made possible the dramatic expansion of communication products that we take for granted today. And it was deregulation of the …

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What’s Wrong with the Alcohol Industry (Discover More Here!)

the alcohol industry

Dr. William DeJong is a professor in the Boston University School of Public Health. He tells us what’s wrong with the alcohol industry. Dr. DeJong explains that activists use the term “the alcohol industry.” In doing so, they’re “trying to tap into the public’s general suspicion of profit-making big business. Harking back to the trust busting …

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Alcohol Deregulation: Cause More Crime & Traffic Crashes?

abstainers try drinking

Does retail alcohol deregulation increase crime and traffic crashes. This is important to the question of privatizing monopoly retail alcohol sales in states or provinces. Does a wider selection of alcoholic beverages promote alcohol abuse? Do more retail stores lead to more traffic crashes? Do longer sales hours lead to violence? In short, does greater …

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Three-Tier System of Alcohol in U.S. Causes Competition

moderate drinking findings true

The US repealed National Prohibition in 1933. Federal law then established the three-tier system. This mandates complete separation of alcohol production, wholesaling, and retailing.      The three tier system means that producers cannot either wholesale or retail alcohol. Or wholesalers cannot be producers or retailers. And retailers cannot wholesale or produce alcohol. This separation means that …

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