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Alcohol Monopoly States: Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)

alcohol monopoly states

Why are some states government alcohol monopoly states? The reason lies in the past. Repeal of National Prohibition was in 1933. At that point, some states decided to continue their own prohibition within their borders. Other states decided to leave the choice up to local jurisdictions (counties and/or cities). This is local option. So even …

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The United States of Prohibition: Discover What It Means

In “The United States of Prohibition, ” writer Jonathan David Morris shows how frustrating differing state alcohol laws can be. United States of Prohibition by Jonathan David Morris I’m leaving New Jersey after 26 years when I get married in August. My soon-to-be wife and I are leasing a townhouse in a magical paradise called …

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Alcohol Monopolies are Anti-Consumer (High Prices, Poor Choice & Service)

alcohol monopolies are anti-consumer

Competition among producers of goods and services benefits consumers. It increases consumer choice, reduces prices, and improves customer service. Therefore, alcohol monopolies are anti-consumer. Monopolies Harm Consumers It was abolishing the old telephone monopoly that made possible the dramatic expansion of communication products that we take for granted today. And it was deregulation of the …

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What’s Wrong with the Alcohol Industry (Discover More Here!)

the alcohol industry

Dr. William DeJong is a professor in the Boston University School of Public Health. He tells us what’s wrong with the alcohol industry. Dr. DeJong explains that by using the term “the alcohol industry” activists are “trying to tap into the public’s general suspicion of profit-making big business. Harking back to the trust busting days of …

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Three-Tier System of Alcohol in U.S. Causes Competition

moderate drinking findings true

The US repealed National Prohibition in 1933. Federal law then established the three-tier system. This mandates complete separation of alcohol production, wholesaling, and retailing. The three tier system means that producers cannot either wholesale or retail alcohol. Similarly, wholesalers cannot be producers or retailers. And retailers cannot wholesale or produce alcohol. This separation means that the economic …

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COVID-19 and Unemployment: Coronavirus Action Needed 

COVID-19, Alcohol, and Unemployment

The coronavirus pandemic is causing serious problems around the world. Many companies and their employees are hit hard. COVID-19 and unemployment are closely connected.  COVID 19 especially threatens restaurants and bars. These have been places where people typically gather in groups.  However, social distancing and sheltering in place threaten to destroy such businesses. Trying to …

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Swedish Experience with Alcohol: We Should Learn from Sweden

Frank Ward has lived in Sweden for decades. He has seen the the Swedish experience with alcohol up close. Here he reflects on the changes he has witnessed over time.1 He points out that “During my lifetime I have followed one nation’s progress from near-prohibition to a more liberal, tolerant approach. When I arrived in Stockholm …

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Weird Alcohol Laws Across the US (Weird Drinking Laws)

Weird alcohol laws exist across the US. They often reflect the effects of our long and powerful the temperance movement. Many are also a result from conflicting economic interests. For example, reducing competition. As a result, states and other jurisdictions in the US often have conflicting laws.  For instance, some require that the interior of …

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