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Prohibition in Illinois: From Beginning to End

Prohibition in Illinois was promising at the start. Temperance movements had been popular in the state as early as 1833. Prohibition sentiment had grown much stronger since then. In the early 20th century the General Assembly passed a local option law. It was sponsored by the Anti-Saloon League. That law led to prohibition in two-thirds …

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The Prohibition and Repeal Experiences of Various States

Discover the Prohibition and Repeal experiences of various States. There were strongholds of temperance sentiment. There were also bastions of opposition. And of course, there were great variations among others So different states responded in different ways. Alabama Alabamans came to reject Prohibition by a resounding vote of nearly 60% in favor of Repeal. Nevertheless, much …

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The KKK and the WCTU: Close Partners in Prohibition

alcohol from 1913 to

The KKK and the WCTU worked closely together to promote and defend alcohol prohibition. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) shared common interests. They both favored women’s right to vote, Protestantism, and the protection of domesticity. They also shared hostility toward immigrants. For this reason, the two groups cooperated with …

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21st Amendment Repealed National Prohibition (1920-1933) in U.S.

The 21st Amendment was a confirmation that National Prohibition had failed. It marked the sad death of a beautiful dream. Many people had believed that Prohibition would lead to less crime, violence, poverty, illness, and premature death. That it would lead to prosperity, better health, longer life, higher morality, and greater happiness. Prohibition failed to …

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Prohibition in Minnesota: Optimism Turned Into Despair

prohibition in Minnesota

Prohibition in Minnesota was welcomed. The state had a long temperance history. It strongly supported National Prohibition (1920-1933) when it began. I. Volstead Act The National Prohibition Act of 1919 is usually called the Volstead Act. That recognizes Minnesotan Andrew Volstead. It was Volstead who introduced the legislation and oversaw its successful passage through Congress. …

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Prohibition in Massachusetts: Dream became Nightmare

Prohibition Welcomed Massachusetts had been among the very first states to ratify National Prohibition (1920-1933). For decades the abolition of drinking had been touted as the solution to the nation’s problems. That included poverty, ill-health, crime, violence and other ills. On the eve of its implementation, most Bay Staters were optimistic. The dream of Prohibition …

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