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Alcohol Amnesty Policies (Medical Amnesty) Save Lives.

prevent alcohol poisoning

College Emergency Alcohol Amnesty Policies College policies for medical emergency alcohol amnesty are widespread. They place protecting the health and safety of students as a college’s very highest priority. As it should be. These policies have one primary goal. It’s to protect the health and lives of students who over-drink and need medical help. It …

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Drink Too Much Alcohol? Helpful, Practical Suggestions

drink too much?

Do you suspect you might drink too much alcohol. Many people do. Here are practical suggestions for either cutting down or quitting. There are also tips for helping loved ones who have a drinking problem. Useful sources of help for alcohol and drinking abuse problems are also given. Drink Too Much Alcohol? Could you or …

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Most Heavy Drinkers Consume Less over Time: Learn Why Some Don’t

what is alcoholism

Many people believe that heavy or problem drinking1leads to alcoholism. Or alcohol dependence.2 Researchers tested this idea. They found that most heavy drinkers consume less alcohol over time. First, researchers found problem drinkers through telephone screening. It was in northern California. Then they made in-person interviews with 672 people. The mean age of the sample was 35 …

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What is Alcohol Abuse? How Can It be Reduced?

What is alcohol abuse? How serious is it among young people? What is the trend in drunk driving? What help is available for alcohol problems? Or for alcoholism?           Overview I. What is Alcohol Abuse? II. Alcohol in America III. Young People & Alcohol IV. Youthful Drinking V. Alcohol-Impaired Driving VI. …

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Drinking Exception for Adults: Surprising!


What’s the surprising drinking exception for adults? A federal law commonly known as the Buckley Amendment protects the privacy rights of college students age 18 through 20. Without a student’s permission, it is illegal even for parents to get copies of grades. The same is true for attendance records, medical records, or other fact. Parents …

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