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Medical Advice on Drinking Alcohol: Doctors’ Advice

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Anyone who drinks alcohol can benefit from medical advice on drinking. Standard drinks all contain the same amount of pure alcohol. (It’s 6/10 of an ounce.) And beer, wine and spirits (liquor) similar benefits for health and long life. Moderate Drinking Knowing about this alcohol equivalence can help people drink in moderation. The Acad of Nutri and …

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College Drinking Reality: What’s Really Going On?

Most alcohol research uses potentially inaccurate self-reports to gather data on drinking. But a much more accurate way is now being used to learn the extent of alcohol use and abuse. That is, college drinking reality. Researchers at the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center are doing ground-breaking studies. The usual way is …

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Ignored Civil Rights Issue (Age 21 Drinking Law for Adults)

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A reader sent the following opinion piece. It addresses the ignored civil rights issue of our time. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.   As we students return to campus each fall, we are bombarded with politically correct rhetoric. It focuses on race, gender, and sexual orientation. Activists tell us that our country is racist, …

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