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Temperance Organizations & Groups of the U.S.

Temperance organizations succeeded in causing National Prohibition in the U.S. (1920-1933). Any successful social movement requires the efforts of effective groups. They guide the actions of dedicated people. Virtually all such groups fall into obscurity over time. This, in spite of their achievements. Temperance Organizations Presented  by Alphabet American Temperance Society (American Society for the Promotion …

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Temperance Magazines (Temperance Journals or Periodicals)

temperance magzines

Many organizations published temperance magazines or journals. This listing includes most of those. However, it does not include annual reports, minutes, proceedings, or yearbooks.    Overview of Temperance Magazines I.   Geographic List II.  Alphabetical List III. Resources After each temperance magazine is when available, the place of publication, the sponsoring organization, and the dates …

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