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Frances Willard: A Major Temperance Leader

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Willard’s Early Life Frances Willard was born in 1839. Her full name was Frances Elizabeth Caroline Willard. She was sturdy. She was independent. And she was very strong-willed. Friends called her Frank. She graduated college in 1859. Twelve years later became president of a women’s college. When it merged with Northwestern U, she became dean …

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Temperance Magazines (Temperance Journals or Periodicals)

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Many organizations published temperance magazines or journals. This listing includes most of those. However, it does not include annual reports, minutes, proceedings, or yearbooks.    Overview of Temperance Magazines I.   Geographic List II.  Alphabetical List III. Resources After each temperance magazine is when available, the place of publication, the sponsoring organization, and the dates …

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Prohibition Dictionary and Glossary of Prohibition Words

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This Prohibition dictionary and glossary is a guide to terms and groups related to National Prohibition (1920-1933) in the U.S. It does not list people. Alcohol Alcohol refers to ethyl alcohol or ethanol, the type found in alcohol beverages. It is also commonly used to refer to alcohol   beverage in general. The word alcohol …

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