Prohibition was a Success

“Actually, Prohibition was a Success” is an op-ed written by a supposedly impartial member of a panel proposing federal alcohol policy. Another member of the panel heads an activist group that posts billboards showing a bottle of beer depicted as a hypodermic syringe, equating beer with illegal drugs.

Five of the 12 panel members have already advocated tax increases or other ways to keep alcohol out of people’s reach. And at least four of the panel members have been employed by or have received awards and money from the anti-alcohol Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

That foundation has been developing and funding a large nation-wide network of temperance-oriented organizations and individuals. In just four-years it has invested over one-quarter billion dollars ($265,000,000) in this network to promote its alcohol policy agenda.

The National Academy of Sciences was paid by Congress to propose a national policy to reduce underage alcohol drinking. However, the membership of the panel selected has made the content of the proposal a foregone conclusion.

To be legitimate, the proposed alcohol policy should have been developed by scholars with no connection with either the alcohol or the anti-alcohol industry.


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