Another Good Reason Not to Drive While Intoxicated by Alcohol

In 43 states, intoxicated drivers who have a traffic crash may find that their insurance policies don’t cover any of the often very high expenses associated with their accidents.

Almost 60 years ago the National Association of Insurance Commissioners drafted a model law that was designed to discourage drunken driving….a highly laudable goal. However, after observing the consequences of the resulting legislation, the association voted in 2001 to recommend repealing the “alcohol exclusion” laws. Since that time, seven states have repealed or amended their alcohol exclusion laws. Five states are currently considering such action.

Many physicians don’t test injured patients for alcohol because of fear that the insurance company will refuse to pay the medical bills. As a result, many patients fail to receive hospital alcohol intervention. Even brief intervention by physicians has proven effective in reducing alcohol abuse and subsequent injuries.


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