Alcohol Facts Crossword Puzzle

Alcohol Facts Crossword Puzzle


  1. Drinking it won't speed up sobriety.
  2. U.S. President who was one of the country's largest whiskey distillers.
  3. This German was one of the world's best-known abstainers from alcohol.
  4. They are so high that they make producing moonshine (illegal distilled spirits) profitable.
  5. Abstainers subject their hearts to increased risk of suffering one.
  6. Beverage flavored with juniper berries.
  7. Former occupation of Tom Arnold, Bill Cosby, Sandra Bullock, Chevy Chase, Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Willis.
  8. Producing this was one of Colonial New England's largest industries.
  9. Racist group that strongly supported Prohibition and its strict enforcement.
  10. Describes legal status of hundreds of counties in U.S. decades after repeal of Prohibition in 1933.
  11. Can be prevented by abstaining or drinking in moderation.
  12. Describes longevity of people who drink in moderation.
  13. A name for an abstainer from alcohol.
  14. Abraham Lincoln owned and operated several of them.
  15. Frequent location of religious services in Colonial American towns.


  1. Describes driver who doesn't drink for the safety of self and passengers.
  2. Jesus made it, drank it, and approved of its moderate consumption.
  3. A diet-buster not found in distilled spirits.
  4. Illegal drinking establishment during U.S. Prohibition.
  5. Describes physical condition of people who drink in moderation.
  6. Along with rum, this was supplied as a daily ration to troops in the Colonial Army.
  7. The more highly educated they are, the more likely Americans are to do this.
  8. Official spirit of the United States, by act of Congress.
  9. Every signer of the American Declaration of Independence drank alcoholic ones.
  10. Describes the alcohol content of standard drinks of beer, wine and distilled spirits.
  11. Occupation of the Baptist who produced the first Kentucky whiskey.
  12. First distinctly American whiskey; also name of a grain.
  13. Human body produces it naturally and continuously.

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