Internet-Based Intervention for Alcohol Abusers

Few problem drinkers are willing to use in-person services for alcohol abuse. Therefore, the use of internet-based interventions holds promise in overcoming such resistance.

To evaluate the internet-based Check Your Drinking (CYD) screener, 185 participants were randomly selected to receive access to the CYD or to a non-intervention control group.

Problem drinkers in the CYD group reduced their alcohol consumption an average of six to seven drinks per week (30%) compared to one drink per week among those in the control group at both three and six-month follow-ups.

This internet-based intervention appears to be effective in reducing alcohol consumption among problem drinkers.


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  • Cunningham, J.A., et al. A randomized controlled trial of an internet-based intervention for alcohol abusers. Addiction, 2009, 104(12), 2023-2032.

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