University Promotes Responsible, Safe Alcohol Consumption

Victoria University of Wellington, NZ, has established a task force to educate students on safe and responsible alcohol use. The University is developing a number of new strategies to deter students from abusing alcohol, including engaging in so-called binge drinking.

The group, called Reduced Harm, seeks to implement new actions to help students make safe and healthful lifestyle choices. “The overall aim is to promote individual and group safe drinking practices, encouraging concern for others in a social setting and respect for non-drinkers,” says the University’s Director of Student Services.

The University already has a number of policies in place. For example, the student union actively encourages safe drinking practices by training its staff well, properly supervising the premises, and selling alcohol responsibly.

Harm reduction programs have demonstrated their effectiveness in promoting safe drinking and reducing risky drinking behaviors.


  • Victoria promotes safe alcohol use. Press release, Victoria University of Wellington, September 27, 2004.

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