Death Penalty for DWI Offenders Proposed

A current supporter of the neo-prohibitionist movement asserts that

“The DEATH PENALTY for drunks that kill innocent people will probably NOT be a deterrent, BUT, given a few years, we can kill enough drunks, that it might be half way safe to drive on the roads again.

“There were more deaths last year in Virginia from DRUNK DRIVERS .... These DRUNKS are a menace and don't care who they kill! Lets put as many of them to death (legally) as we can, to get them off the highways.

“Kill an innocent when your Blood Alcohol is .15 or higher, YOU DIE! Kill an innocent during your 2nd DUI, YOU DIE! Kill an innocent running from the Police while you have a Blood Alcohol of .08 or higher, YOU DIE!

“It's time to start killing (legally) the people who are killing us while driving a vehicle on the highways. DEATH TO DRUNKS!” (Emphases in original)

During Prohibition (1920-1933) some activists made similarly harsh suggestions. Prohibitionists often advocated strong measures against those who did not comply with Prohibition. One suggested that the government distribute poisoned alcohol beverages through bootleggers (sellers of illegal alcohol) and acknowledged that several hundred thousand Americans would die as a result, but thought the cost well worth the enforcement of Prohibition. Others suggested that those who drank should be:

  • hung by the tongue beneath an airplane and flown over the country
  • exiled to concentration camps in the Aleutian Islands
  • excluded from any and all churches
  • forbidden to marry
  • tortured
  • branded
  • whipped
  • sterilized
  • tattooed
  • placed in bottle-shaped cages in public squares
  • forced to swallow two ounces of caster oil
  • executed, as well as their progeny to the fourth generation.

Research has long documented a tendency for prohibitionists and neo-prohibitionists to be characterized by hatred and hostility toward those they oppose.


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