Drinking and Drugged Driving

Research finds that for every employee in the U.S. who reports having consumed alcohol just before coming to work, 3 1/2 times as many report having taken illegal drugs just before going to their job. Therefore, it appears that driving while impaired by illegal drugs may be a much more serious problem than generally known.

Driving either drugged or drunken are both serious crimes that need to be stopped. People  killed by drugged drivers and drunken drivers are equally tragic deaths and we need to do more to prevent both. 


  • Data from Batrus Hollweg International, “Productivity Crimes: Realities, Risks & Potential” presented by Paul Frumkin and Bret Thom in Drive drink sales, but also know when to say last call. Nation’s Restaurant News, May 24, 2004, p. 76 (Drug and Alcohol Abuse)

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