Dry County Alcohol-Related Traffic Crashes

A recovering alcoholic explains why dry counties have higher rates of alcohol-related traffic crashes than do wet counties:


Dear Dr. Hanson:

Just a note to thank you for writing the article in which you noted the effect of dry counties on the rate of alcohol-related traffic accidents. (“Dry” County Traffic Crashes)

As a long-term recovered alcoholic living in an Arkansas dry county, I can readily verify your view that dry counties should cause MORE alcohol-related traffic accidents.

Of course they do - an alkie HAS TO DRINK, and if that means having to drive a considerable distance to get home after leaving where he was drinking in a wet county, so be it. A classic case of back-firing legislation.

Believe me, Dr. Hanson: Dry county legislation has NEVER caused a serious drinker to reduce his consumption of alcohol. On the contrary, he just has to drive farther to drink or stock up on his home supply.

Unfortunately there's a religious element involved that can be difficult to argue with. But the facts as you wrote them just might penetrate.

Regards, and most sincere thanks,

N. H.


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