"BlackOut Drunk Driving Day"

Students and staff at East Central High School in San Antonio, Texas recently organized the first-ever statewide annual "BlackOut Drunk Driving Day". "BlackOut Day" is an initiative to prevent drunk driving through activities and discussions designed to increase awareness about the relationship between drunk driving and accidents, to change attitudes about responsibility, and to strengthen respect for human life. Last year the school's first annual event was so successful that it was awarded a grant by State Farm to help expand the project.

Schools across the country have now been invited to organize their own "BlackOut" day activities. Schools may organize whatever activities they deem best to accomplish the goal of reducing drunk driving accidents.

The East Central High School's BlackOut Day has included motivational speakers from various organizations and agencies, a pledge against drunk driving, taking a vow of silence for one day, dressing in black clothing, and other activities to emphasize the serious nature of drunk driving.

Ms. Kortnee Lamarre and her students have a number of suggestions and materials to assist any school wishing to organize a BlackOut Drunk Driving Day of its own. She can be contacted at kortnee.lamarre@fc.ecisd.ne


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