Beer Keg Registration

The "five-keg rule" which requires anyone buying more than four kegs of beer at a time to sign an affidavit allowing police to search their premises without cause, is completely ineffective, according to law enforcement officials and the State of Ohio.

A strongly-worded opinion from a federal judge asserts that the regulation may be a violation of important rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

It's an ineffective law passed for show, according to an Ohio State University professor who is plaintiff in a suit seeking to overturn the rule.

In spite of the regulation's admitted ineffectiveness and its almost certain unconstitutionality, the Ohio Liquor Control Commission will go to court in an effort to save it.

Instead of defending the "beer keg boondogle," some have suggested it would be wiser to use techniques, such as social norm marketing, that have proven their effectiveness in reducing alcohol abuse.


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