MADD Victim Impact Panels

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) received $2,657,293 in a single year from its Victim Impact Panel business. MADD reported on its non-profit tax form that "This revenue is earned from DWI offenders who must pay a donation to MADD" to attend a meeting in which they learn the impact that impaired driving accidents have on those who suffer as a result.

MADD has a clear economic incentive to increase the number of DWI/DUI convictions because that increases its income from the required "donations." MADD determines exactly how much must be donated to itself by convicted drivers to sit through the court-mandated meetings.

Although they are a very profitable business for MADD, there appears to be little evidence that they are effective at all in reducing the incidence of either impaired or intoxicated driving.


  • DWI Convictions are an Important Source of Income ("Donations") for MADD. (IRS form 990) .

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