Travel Tips for Recovering Alcoholics

Temptation to drink alcohol is common for business travelers who are recovering alcoholics. Drinks are offered on the airplane, at conferences, at business lunches and dinners, at hotel bars, and elsewhere. Travel itself may increase both anxiety and loneliness and the desire to drink.

Here are some tips for recovering alcoholic travelers:

  • Plan ahead and ask the hotel to remove all alcohol beverages from the room’s minibar.
  • Carry a list of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or other self-help group meeting times and locations.
  • Carry phone numbers of friends and sponsors back home and keep in close contact.
  • Avoid having free time by making arrangements ahead of time to go to a ballgame, museum, concert, gym, or other activity of interest.
  • Carry candy or other products to help fight the urge to drink.
  • Make a “gratitude list” on how much better life is in abstinence and read it as often as necessary.
  • Carry self-help literature, such as the Alcoholics Anonymous publication, Living Sober.

It’s important to plan ahead in order to avoid facing too much temptation to drink.


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