Alcohol Education Supported

An overwhelming majority of Americans -- 84% -- support alcohol education and strict enforcement of existing laws as the best way to reduce underage drinking and drunk driving, according to a recent poll.

The survey, conducted by DataDevelopmment Corporation, also found the 64% of Americans -- about two out of three -- oppose a ban of ads on alcohol beverages. Other finding include:

  • 95% of Americans are in full support of designated driver awareness programs.
  • 92% support alcohol education programs in high schools.
  • 82% believe there should be college programs or classes on responsible drinking.
  • 93% favor tougher laws on repeat drunk driving offenders.

Dr. Richard Hamm, Professor of History at the State University of New York at Albany and author of a book on National Prohibition, observed that “it seems Americans have learned from history and understand that education campaigns are most effective in convincing people that they should moderate their consumption of alcohol.” He said that “advertising campaigns to encourage responsible drinking by adults, education programs in schools, extra-legal means like designated drivers, which grew out of education efforts, and better enforcement of existing alcohol laws are all supported by a high percentage of the people surveyed.”


  • AB News Release, 12-3-03.

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