Church Provides Non-Alcoholic College Hangout

A church located across the street from the University of Alabama provides students with an alternative to Tuscaloosa’s bars, nightclubs and fraternity parties. The college has reputation for being a big “party school,” but many students aren‘t interested in drinking alcohol.

Seven nights a week, from 6:00 p.m. to midnight, Quirkey’s Cafe is open in the basement of the church, where students make their own coffee and smoothies and pay for snacks on the honor system. The coffeehouse provides a relaxing setting in which students meet people, hang out, watch TV, do homework, and enjoy beverage and snacks.

Research indicates that a major reason people drink alcohol is to socialize. The church has provided an enjoyable environment in which students can socialize.


  • Congregation combats college drinking, offers alcohol-free alternative. Church Executive, 2-26-04.

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