Utah’s Liquor Laws Ludicrous?

Many of the residents in the tourist town of Park City in Utah are unhappy with the passage of still more anti-alcohol laws by the state.

“I’m mortified” said Park City council member Kay Calvert. “It’s just one more thing about Utah to laugh at. She says that the state tries to get its fair share of tourist dollars but “then we set up all these ridiculous (alcohol) laws. It’s embarrassing.”

Another resident said the negative laws reinforce the perception that Utah is a “cultish state outside of mainstream America.” He said the problem is caused by teetotaling legislators regulating something they know nothing about. “It’s like finding someone who doesn’t know how to swim and asking them to organize a swim meet.”

As if to confirm the charge that abstemious legislators are naive about alcohol, the Utah House Majority Leader asserted that the state’s alcohol laws are NOT the strictest in the nation. However, he did not identify what state or states he thinks have stricter alcohol laws.

A resident of Salt Lake City said the State’s “out-of-touch laws are born in a fantasy world,” and are ineffective in imposing abstinence.


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