Selling Alcohol and Saddam Hussein

Is selling alcohol beverages to adults like selling weapons to Saddam Hussein? Some anti-alcohol activists in Texas think so and are distributing fliers that equate the two.

“If you think its wrong to make a profit off killing, then the same thought process is it’s wrong to make a profit off alcohol” says activist David Dye of the Fort Worth area, who insists that alcohol “has killed more people than Saddam Hussein.” Perhaps the next step will be to compare merchants who sell alcohol to Adolph Hitler.

In reality, it appears that the moderate consumption of alcohol saves more lives than are lost though its abuse. But facts are obviously irrelevant in this campaign against permitting the limited sale of alcohol beverages.

Meanwhile, other temperance activists in Covington, Kentucky are trying to get the City Council to disregard the results of a referendum approving the Sunday sale of alcohol beverages in restaurants. The opponents don’t challenge the legality of the vote or its results, they just want the wishes of the majority of their fellow citizens to be disregarded.


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