MADD Outraged

The Tampa Bay Lightning offered patrons free beer during playoff hockey games if they purchased season tickets.

The offer was limited to four beers, beverage servers are all trained to detect intoxication and won’t serve to anyone who appears to be intoxicated, and the club offers free taxi rides home for anyone who thinks they may have had too much to drink. About 25 patrons took advantage of the offer and no complaints were made against the marketing promotion.

Nevertheless, officials at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) were outraged. “It’s advertising irresponsible behavior. It’s a huge insult to our community,” insisted one MADD leader. Another MADD official said “they’re obviously using alcohol to get business.”

They were offering alcohol, not cocaine, heroin or other illegal drugs. Apparently MADD believes that drinking is irresponsible, an insult to others, and that alcohol is an unacceptable consumer product.

The notorious anti-alcohol activist, Carrie Nation, who used her hatchet to destroy bars and intimidate both beverage servers and consumers, would be proud of MADD.


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