Harvard to Reduce Risky Drinking and Promote Responsible Drinking

Reducing risky drinking and promoting responsible drinking in the context of health promotion should be the goal of Harvard University’s alcohol policy. That’s the recommendation of a campus committee, the Committee to Address Alcohol and Health at Harvard, that has carefully studied the issue for nearly a year.

The committee recommends that the University clarify its disciplinary standards for alcohol-related infractions to ensure that students don’t avoid seeking assistance for fear of punishment. Students need to understand that they can bring an intoxicated friend to the University Health Services, faculty, or Harvard police without risking punishment for the student or themselves.

In several student forums it conducted, the committee learned that this important fact is not as widely known as it should be and can inhibit students from seeking potentially life-saving assistance.

Protecting the health and safety of students is a major goal of the University and the proposed alcohol policy would reflect this goal.

The Committee to Address Alcohol and Health at Harvard consisted of students, faculty, administrators and health professionals.


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