National Social Norms Resource Center Expands Web Site

The National Social Norms Resource Center (NSNRC) is an independent center that supports, promotes and provides technical assistance in the application of the social norms approach to a broad range of health, safety and social justice issues, including alcohol-related risk-reduction and the prevention of tobacco abuse. It is the only national center devoted exclusively to the understanding and use of the social norms approach.

The Center’s web site has been completely redesigned to provide the latest information about the social norms approach to health promotion. Some of the highlights include:

  • A new Case Studies section, expanded to include information about the use of social norms to promote traffic safety and tax compliance, as well as information about emerging applications
  • A new Research section, providing extensive information about the large and growing body of research literature devoted to the social norms approach
  • A Site Search feature, designed to speed access to information, and
  • A Press Room, designed principally to provide efficient access to the kind of up-to-date, factual information that reporters, journalists, and practitioners often require.

This expansion should substantially increase the site’s usefulness to anyone seeking information about social norms marketing. It is located at


  • National Social Norms Resource Center (