Alcohol Needed for High School Education

New Hampshire law prohibits alcoholic beverages from school grounds. But there’s a problem with the law.

Culinary arts courses are popular and prepare many students for careers as professional chefs. Such students need to know how to cook using alcoholic beverages as ingredients if they are going to become chefs. Alcoholic beverages are generally used in small amounts to enhance flavors and there is no danger of intoxication from consuming foods prepared with alcohol. Using alcohol in cooking is an essential part of being fully trained and prepared to enter the workforce as a professional chef.

However, the well-intended law prohibits students from becoming fully prepared by their schools. Therefore, State Representative Jane Clemons has sponsored a bill to enable culinary arts students to use alcoholic beverages in their cooking classes.

The proposed legislation would provide safeguards to ensure that the alcohol would not be used inappropriately and would be properly secured under lock and key when not in use for classes. It would also require parental notification that alcohol will be an ingredient permitted in cooking and baking classes.


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